Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Lake Where I Grew Up

I spent last weekend with my parents at the lake house down in Mountain Pine. Last summer was the first summer I have gone since I can remember without stepping foot on the boat or a toe in Lake Ouachita. My dad and I went out on the boat and while I sat in the front of the boat in my shorts and sweatshirt, the classic rock station blaring, I realized that most of my life can be documented on the banks of Lake Ouachita.
Horses are a major part in my life, but it is a part of my life I have experienced on more of a solo basis. The lake marks places in life with my family and friends. There is the cove that I busted my eardrum when my uncle threw me off the tube. The shore where I went to Girl Scout camp most of my elementary summers and where my dad and I went to Indian Princess camp. The docks where we went for ice cream and slushies. And finally the rocks where my sister died.
The back of a horse is maybe where I learned and matured, but the waters of Lake Ouachita is where I grew up.