Saturday, July 25, 2009

Coaster's Summer

After one of the horses went lame at Horses for Healing I told his rider, Kayla, that she could ride Coaster for the two shows this month. The first show was the NWAHJA Summer Classic here in Fayetteville. She got 2nd in a Hunter Classic, 3rd in an Equitation over fences and I got 1st in the 3 phase jumper challenge ($150 in my pocket!)! I could not have been happier with Coaster -- he hadn't been in training since the end of May and goes in the show ring and kicks butt!!!

The second show was the GO Preview show in Oklahoma City. Kayla rode him to a 3rd, 5th and a 7th all in jumper classes (.95m and 1.0m) that had more than 30 riders!!! I got to ride him twice -- in my first class we went clean but not fast enough to place and in my second class we pulled a rail but placed 8th. We ended up scratching him the last day; 2 days of showing, one day off, one day trailering then 4 days of showing took a toll on him - hence the rail in my last class. He is such a trooper though he probably would have kept jumping for us until he dropped dead!

Needless to say, he is getting this past week off then hitting it again next week. We are schooling XC on Wednesday in Oklahoma (God I hate all that red dirt!). There is an event in late August we will probably hit up as well as Jubilee on Sept 12...then I want to got to Heritage Park (beginningish of Oct) and Holly Hill (lateish Oct). These will give me more than the quals in need to run Preliminary in the Spring!!!! Very exciting!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coaster the Babysitter

I took Coaster to our day camp at Horses for Healing this week for the girls to do switch rides. The pony that little Ashley was supposed to ride was being a complete - well, pony - so I had the girl who was riding Coaster get on the pony and let Ashley ride Coaster!! He was such a sweetheart - just walked around the the arena and over poles and flowers like the perfect short stirrup pony! It helped her confidence to be able to get back on the pony and show him who was boss! I was so proud of both of them - this is why I love teaching!