Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A New Leaf

So I'm going to try to turn over a new leaf as a actually, you know, blogging. Bear with me, the first few posts back will probably just be boring stuff like updates to my life so I get back in the swing of writing. So here it goes:

The New Job: Back in February I took on a new job in Heber Springs, Arkansas at Hickory Hills Equestrian Center (website done by yours truly). I absolutely love it - I actually found someone (or rather she found me - we went to school together) to give me a real (yes, real - salary, benefits, the whole deal) job doing what I love. My job pretty much entails the following: ride/train horses, show horses, help making management decisions on the horses, foal mares out...the list can go on and on but you get the drift. The best thing about this job is it gives me the opportunity to further not only my teaching skills, but also my personal riding and training skills; something that was hard to do in Northwest Arkansas on my own. Since working at Hickory Hills I've been able to show multiple horses and ride in clinics that wouldn't have been available to me up in NWA.

The Finger: And no, this isn't meant in a vulgar way! Back in June I broke my finger...and yes, I'm sure you will all be just so surprised to hear that it did indeed involve a horse...and gravity was a major factor. Naturally I didn't go to the doctor for almost a month (don't worry, my mother chewed me out big time for did the doctor actually) - anyway not only had I broken my finger, it was pretty much twisted off. Think of a pine tree after a tornado comes through. So after surgery I now have 4 screws in my finger (see the pic below) and it is stronger than ever (just not as straight!). Oh well, go figure!

The Concert: Yes, be June I got to go to the New Kids On The Block/Backstreet Boys concert in Memphis with my cousin. And yes, it was amazing. I didn't feel like a traitor nearly as much as I thought I would - those of you who knew me during my N SYNC days would understand. 
We actually got upgraded to third row seats - my cousin and I were like screaming little teeny boppers again; not gunna lie - I'd go again in a hearbeat!

Well this is going to conclude my first update-to-my-life post. My back is killing me and it is waaay past my bedtime (us Heber folks turn in early)! Hopefully I will be able to post again tomorrow, or at the very least next year! :-)