Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I am so impressed with Coaster. I've ridden him the past seven days - bareback in a halter and he's been doing wonderful. He is actually starting to go round in the halter - which is crazy because I had such a hard time with him in the bridle. I will try to get some video soon to post. I'm just so excited that he is actually getting a top line just using halter!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today I Was Smiling

I walked outside for a study break around four thirty this afternoon and realized just how pretty of a day it was - it was a perfect 70 degrees with just enough cloud coverage. I went back inside just long enough to change into barn clothes then hoofed it back to the truck where I rolled the windows down and cranked up the music all the way to the barn.
My horse - who is perfect by the way - met me at the gate. I was worried he wouldn't recognize me, but that was a non-issue. I had only planned to stay out there long enough to give him a good grooming (I still had a ton of studying to do) but once again I decided it was too pretty of a day to not be on my horse's back.
He was an angel. I rode him bareback with the halter walk/trot/canter in the field and he was a complete angel. (Though I imagine a lot of it is he is so out of shape running or bucking or any other sort of misbehaving would just take too much energy!) I don't know many horses that can go with that long of a break and be completely safe yet responsive to my cues. I pretty much had a light, floppy hold on the lead rope at all times - he was riding completely off my body. Which is actually really impressive seeing how out of shape I am, I'm surprised I was able to give clear enough signals!
I wasn't able to ride for very long, but it was enough to give me my second wind. Tomorrow after class - I plan on getting back out there as soon as I can to ride again, hopefully with a big smile on my face again!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Being Responsible

It sucks!! It is the first actual sunny day in what seems like weeks. Am I out riding my horse? Am I even out there to groom and hang out with him? No - I'm stuck studying for the two tests and two quizzes, working on horrendous math homework and preparing for a wretched group project - all of which are due in a three day span. I guess I should be happy that there isn't a research paper thrown in there as well!

I guess it's all okay though - with all the rain Coaster's feet are the softest I've ever seen them. To make it worse the barn is undergoing a HUGE remodel so he doesn't even have a stall at the moment, which means he is out 24/7 in this mess we call Arkansas weather! It will be okay though, I just tell myself to keep breathing and it will all be okay. I just can't wait until I graduate in May and can spend the rest of my life working and playing with horses. I will go out tomorrow no matter what though. I bought some Crossapol - which is the best hoof hardener I've found on the market - and it should come in today. It works so much better than Tuff Stuff. I found it when I had my other Thoroughbred who had the feet from hell - if you looked at them cross eyed a shoe would fall off, taking half the hoof with it causing him to be off for a week. I may miss the horse, but I sure as hell don't miss the feet!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great fall so far!