Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 Thus Far...

I realized I haven't posted in awhile - mainly because nothing much has happened - so I decided to post a year-to-date review.

2010...well the picture on the left pretty much sums it up. We have had at least 4 snow/ice days so far this semester, the only thing getting me through it is to remember that Spring Break (FLORIDA!) is only a month away! Riding has been light since Coaster is 30 minutes north of me and roads conditions have been dicey. The only real horse drama so far this year is that a client's horse kicked the crap out of Coaster, scaring me to death because Ollie managed to catch him square in the hock. I had to wait a couple of days (thank you crappy weather!) to take him to the vet, but the x-rays were 100% clean (no arthritis or anything!) so it all turned out okay, except for the fact Coaster is still a tad sore. But hey, I would be too if I had a 1300 lb horse kick me!

Other than that I've just been trying to gain the motivation to get through my last semester of college. I've never been the most motivated student in the world, I've always thought the barn was waaaay more amusing, but this semester is proving to be harder. The thought of graduation scares me. I'm not sure what I want to do the for the rest of my life and I'm feeling the pressure that I'm certain most other seniors are feeling right about now. I'm having to look at the truth about if I can support myself (and my horse!) teaching lessons and training on a local level and what I need to do to achieve my personal goals.

No matter how worried or upset I get I have to keep in mind that it will all work out because at the end of the day I have what matters most: my friends and family who will stand behind me no matter what.

PS: I obviously made it through my favorite day of the year, Valentine's Day. The only casualty was in the battle on the dancefloor: Lauren vs. the cutest 4" pink heels you have ever seen...I'm still not sure if it was a draw or if the heels kicked my butt!