Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer's Over Forever?!?!

Several things hit me today:

1.) I haven't posted in awhile.
For this I apologize. My grandmother was diagnosed with a terminal illness at the beginning of July so I've been going home at every chance I get so I can spend as much time with her as possible. Due to this, I haven't had a lot of time to play with my horse, which is the main reason for this blog. And to be honest, not much as happened that's blog-worthy lately.

2.) Today is my last day of summer vacation; most likely forever.
I'm graduating in May. Classes start tomorrow. Today was my last day of summer vacation, because let's face it - summers don't exist in the "real world". This gives me some seriously mixed feelings...for as long as I can remember all I wanted was to grow up fast, but lately I've felt rather nostalgic for the days of high school and early college. I'm going to miss the constancy of school life; especially the part where I don't have to worry about making car payments or how I'm going to have health insurance...

3.) This is the first summer since before 1994 that I haven't even stepped foot on the boat...
No lie. For my entire life summers have revolved around the lake and boat...even the summer after my sister died I was on the lake. I have not even SEEN Lake Ouachita this summer, much less been on the boat, put on a swim suit or gone swimming...if this is what growing up is about, I don't like it!!! I'm hoping maybe I can go over for a weekend soon, but seeing as I have classes 5 days a week this semester (nothing will ever beat last semester's schedule of only T/Th classes!) and then my grandmother's illness, I really just don't see it happening...

4.) And finally...I am seriously worried that my phone may be smarter than me.
Seriously. I've always had one of the flip phones that were super easy to figure out, but when I went home about two weeks ago my dad surprised me with a late birthday present: a PINK Blackberry Curve. [Yes, I said pink! I'm super excited about the color!] I've had the phone for almost two weeks now and STILL haven't figured it all out; evidently this isn't that uncommon with Blackberrys. [How do you spell the plural form? Am I supposed to add an "ies"?] Oh well, it's pink and I can have free ringtones again so I'm happy!

Oh yeah, I'm seriously thinking about not eventing my horse anymore. He is a super nice Jumper and Equitation horse, so I'm thinking of doing one of the following:
a.) selling him so I can buy a young event prospect after a graduate (and maybe make some money on him)
b.) keeping him but only do jumpers since that is his forte and he truly enjoys it (he likes XC too, but really hates dressage)

We'll see what I decide, it's not like I have to sell him or anything so I'll probably just sit on it for a little bit...we are starting boot camp this week to get us both back into competing shape.