Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's Always Something

I always feel that right when I'm getting back on track with my horse something has to happen. A shoe is sprung, a stone bruise is formed - whatever it may be there is always something going on (I guess that's just the joy of horses)! I went out last night to ride only to find that Coaster was sore on his left hind. I'm guessing he slipped in the wet grass and strained something because he is still sore. Ugh. I went ahead and scratched the Dressage show this weekend so that I could get my money back (closing date isn't until tomorrow) rather than risk either a.) not letting whatever injury happened heal or b.) losing my coveted $30 entry fee (I'm a poor college kid remember!).

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Over the River and Through the Woods...

Today we went on a Treasure Hunt Trail Ride for Misty River Hounds - it was so much fun!! I actually rode Coaster in a halter the entire 2 hour ride. It was very much a through the river, over the mountains, through the cows (yikes!) and across the field type of hunter pace. He was great - completely responsive to the halter the entire time - even when galloping!

I'm thinking of going to Opening Hunt on Nov 7 and riding in second field. I don't want to ask him to jump on all that crazy terrain, but I think it would be fun to go and gallop the hills. It will also help with our confidence level all around, and get us both in shape. I just worry because he is so flat footed and this fixture has some seriously rocky places.

On another note, I'm doing a dressage show in Oklahoma next Sunday. We are doing Training 4 and 1st Level a halter. Do you see the current theme in my training right now? I really just don't trust myself to not go back to old habits that resulted in hitting that dang tree (my shoulder STILL hurts every morning!). I figure if I can successfully do a dressage test in a halter and score well then it will be super easy when I put the bit back in his mouth. My current number one goal: to be able to school Training Lvl XC in the halter - successfully of course!!!