Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cowgirl Eventer

Weeeellll... Flint's first event didn't exactly go as planned. And when I say "didn't go as planned" I mean that he spent the whole time expressing his opinion that he was NOT ready to compete, so I scratched. Needless to say, Flint has been in a sort of "cowboy camp" since returning home.

He now ties (for long periods of time at the wash rack); he now lunges (in side reins over trot poles); he now goes through water (round/on the bit, and can even back through it); he now trail rides (in western tack and halter); he is learning to rope (shhh it's a secret).

Obviously he did not appreciate his life as a show horse in an extremely friendly training situation, so now I am just showing him how easy and fun it would have been had he decided to go to dressage warm up with the big boys. For as much heart that this horse shows once he's finally "broke" he will be something special...once he has decided he is ready to be broke is probably how I should have worded that. We are headed to Texas Rose Horse Trials Nov. 19-20 - but not to compete (I'm not throwing money away again); before he gets the privilege to "Enter at A" he must prove to me that he can leave his diaper bag at the stall and be led (yes, he didn't even lead at the last one...) and ridden around the show grounds.

The most frustrating thing about last weekend was the fact that I HAD done my homework - he's been to local shows, clinics and schoolings. I knew that taking him to an event was going to induce a little melting more so than the clinics and local shows I have been hauling him to, but I never would have guessed he would become completely unrideable. I am working on finding a vet nearby (nearby being the key word) who can scope him to rule out ulcers; beyond that he can rear and leap in the air (he has perfected this Lipizzaner-type move that will require me to go see a chiropractor when it is all said and done) all he wants - I've taken off the tall boots and put on the Justin's, I am officially eventer turned cowgirl when it comes to Flinter - his attitude will change!